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Filthy by Clear Lake Sunglasses

Clear Lake has partnered with Filthy Anglers to create a collection of polarized sunglasses, specific to fit the lifestyle of Filthy Team members and anyone who loves to fish.

The term FILTHY means good, awesome, wicked, great, far out, spectacular etc. Got it? So you are filthy, right?!.  If you’re not, well get out there and become filthy and come on back! The Filthy Angler brand is based upon Anglers who go above and beyond with their passion of fishing.  Whether it's freshwater or saltwater, you are on the water enjoying the sport of fishing! We at Filthy Anglers are passionate about you and your craft, and look to have a little bit of fun in all we do. Based outside of Boston, Massachusetts we breed filthiness in all that we do including fishing and life! Don't be afraid, get filthy my friends!


These are certified filthy!